Have the best of both worlds!

Imagine having over 10 hrs of monthly creative support for your business! We created a Creative Business Club that will do just that, offer your business or good cause the opportunity to grow into what you wanted when you started. It’s your vision, but sometimes it takes someone else’s idea to make that vision a reality. We give you the best of both worlds by combining 1 to 1 support with collaboration.


2 Hrs of 1 to 1 support through creative ideas


A monthly workshop of collaborative support

One notion business people writing on a

We really love having the opportunity to open up the opportunities before you. Think of it as having a team of inspirational people around you without them being staff. Imagine the possibility of the connections you can make by being a part of other businesses. This is the chance for you to see the future of your business in a creative way. We don’t make it complicated by getting you to sign a long term contract, we simply work with you creatively month by month, for one fixed price of just £120.00 per month. So to get your business, social enterprise or charity moving in the right direction join us and really see your potential.