‘The idea you end up with rarely is the idea you started with’

Working closely with Start-ups, Social Enterprises, Charities and SME’s across East Anglia to develop creative ideas. See us as your think tank, the people that will drive you forward through innovative ideas. In this modern world we all need a new notion, concept, perception or objective to keep ahead of the competition, but what if you are staring at a wall of blank notes? What if together we could change that to a wall full of creative ideas? Ideas that would drive your business ahead for the better.


A cost effective business collaboration that will help your business or good cause grow through creative ideas

Our passion is in helping create ideas for you and your business or good cause. How do we achieve this? We have 3 main options where we can help your start-up or growing organisation and we can work with you at any level. You will certainly feel that you can work ‘on’ your business instead of just ‘in’ it. Perhaps you have a specific issue you need to address or you need regular monthly consultations to keep growing. We are here to support you through 1 to 1’s, Workshops and our Creative Business Club.


It’s your business………….we are not here to tell you how to run it, just hands on, practical creative ideas that will make an impact.